Migros innovation CoffeeB available in Germany from today

18.04.2023 | from Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund


18.04.2023, CoffeeB, the innovative capsule system without a capsule, is now also available in Germany. After the successful launch in Switzerland and France, CoffeeB can now be bought from EDEKA and successively in the stores of Mediamarkt and Saturn as well as in the associated online shops and on CoffeeB.com. The market entry in Germany marks an important milestone in the global roll-out.

With CoffeeB, the world's first coffee capsule system without a capsule, Migros combines a full taste experience, convenience and sustainability. This is made possible by the fully compostable Coffee Ball and a new, patented brewing technology. This makes CoffeeB the most important coffee innovation since the invention of the coffee capsule.

Since the launch in September in Switzerland and France, sales of CoffeeB have got off to a successful start. With Germany, a third, strategically important market has now been added. “Coffee is the most popular hot drink among Germans. After America and France, Germany is the third largest capsule market in the world. Accordingly, this market is of great importance to us and a further step in spreading the innovation worldwide and sustainably reducing capsule waste," says Frank Wilde, Head of CoffeeB. By eliminating the aluminum or plastic capsules, enormous amounts of waste can be avoided. Globally, the amount of waste generated by coffee capsules is over 100,000 tons per year. Although part of it can be recycled, the majority ends up in landfill.

Local sales partners of Migros are EDEKA, the largest German retailer with over 11,000 branches and 400,000 employees, as well as the electronics retail chains Mediamarkt and Saturn. The aim of Migros is for CoffeeB to achieve a large share of the capsule market in the medium term and to become the global standard in the long term. Market entry in Germany is the next step in the global roll-out.

Red Dot Award for CoffeeB Globe machine The unique design of the CoffeeB Globe machine in black and white not only impresses coffee lovers, but also the international design community. On June 19, 2023, CoffeeB will receive the renowned Red Dot Award "Best of the Best" in the category "Kitchen appliances and kitchen accessories". The Red Dot jury consists of around 50 international design experts and awards products with outstanding design quality.

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Note: This article was translated from German to English by an online translator.

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