The Swiss commercial register awakens from hibernation - In February 2023, 4,429 new companies were founded

03.03.2023 | from HELP Media AG


03.03.2023, Zurich - As usual, the new year begins slowly and then moves rapidly towards spring. So also in 2023. February 2023 can come up with promising figures, especially for the Creations and deletions.

In February 2023, 4,429 new companies were founded. This is an increase of 7% compared to January 2023 and an increase of 5% compared to the previous year. So the Swiss corporate landscape is currently on the up.

The deletion figures are also very positive in February 2023. Only 2,314 deletions were recorded. Compared to the previous month, this is 12% fewer deletions. Deletion has been at a high level lately and it is very positive for the Swiss economy that this high may now have been broken. High numbers of deletions, which go hand in hand with high numbers of start-ups, speak of a flourishing Swiss economy, but an excessively high level of deletions should not persist for a long time. A look at the previous year shows that the current deletion figures are still high. In February 2022, for example, only 2,062 deletions were registered, 12% fewer than in the current month.

The mutation numbers remained stable this month and remain at a high level. 16,515 companies were mutated in February 2023. This is only 1% less than in the previous month, but 1% more than in the previous year.

Principality of Liechtenstein
In February 2023 there were 61 company start-ups, 5% more than in the previous month. However, here too the number of deletions has risen parallel to this and now record 88 new deletions. This is also 5% more than in the previous month. However, the growth of the mutations must be taken into account. 1,069 new companies were changed, which is 22% more than in the previous month. The Principality of Liechtenstein was also able to shake off its hibernation and now has a positive start to the coming spring. The commercial register numbers of Liechtenstein can be accessed at

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