Swisscom - Teams Telephony Mobile: calling with your mobile number directly from Microsoft Teams

31.01.2023 | from Swisscom


31.01.2023, Swisscom is making communication even easier by becoming the first provider in Switzerland to bring together the mobile network and Microsoft Teams in one app. In the future, users will be able to make calls from Teams with their mobile number, benefiting from a Teams presence status, voice mail and a consistent call history across all devices. Teams Telephony Mobile is now available to Enterprise Customers in combination with NATEL go.

Making calls with a smartphone when on the train, a tablet when working from home and a laptop when in the office, for example, has become a reality for many of us, especially since the pandemic. It is not unusual to use different devices and tools to communicate with several contacts at the same time. Not only is this exhausting, it is also easy to lose track of missed calls, amongst other things.

That’s why Swisscom, in cooperation with Microsoft, is bringing together communication in the one app. It is the first provider in Switzerland to integrate mobile numbers with Microsoft Teams. This allows users to make calls from the Teams Telephony Mobile app with their own mobile number. Users can start calls from Teams and be contacted in Teams using their mobile number. All devices are supported, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and PC, as was already possible for landline numbers. Domestic and international calls can thus be made from any location and device directly via Teams with a single telephone number.

Complete fusion of the Teams and mobile worlds
Switzerland’s best mobile network has fused with the most popular collaboration solution. Users now benefit from a Teams presence status, voice mail and a consistent Teams call history across all mobile devices. During a call over the mobile network, the Teams status automatically switches to ‘In a call’ on all devices. This status is displayed on all other devices. Similarly, the ‘Do not disturb’ status redirects callers to voice mail. If an out-of-office message is set up in Outlook, a text to this effect is played on the mobile mailbox without any media disruptions. Call groups and call queues are also available throughout. And users can continue to make mobile calls in Teams without any data connection. Frequent callers thus enjoy greater convenience while field staff have greater control over their availability.

Urs Lehner, Head of Swisscom Enterprise Customers: “Teams Telephony Mobile offers seamless convergence and simplicity, and eliminates the boundaries between mobile telephony, Teams calls and end devices. Together with our partner Microsoft, we are offering a future-oriented solution that sets new standards in communication and collaboration.”

Teams Telephony Mobile is now available exclusively from Swisscom for Enterprise Customers with NATEL go. Employee mobile numbers can be easily and quickly integrated via the Teams admin center.

Armin Schädeli
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