Orell Füssli presents growth strategy until 2028 at Capital Markets Day

25.11.2022 | from Orell Füssli AG

Orell Füssli AG

25.11.2022, Zurich - At the Capital Markets Day 2022 Orell Füssli provides an insight into its business areas and their strategic priorities for the future. The growth strategy, which aims to achieve sales of CHF 300 million by 2028, is based on a robust business model, the further development and expansion of existing business, and the establishment of new digital business fields. New business field: Trusted digital certificates

New business field: Trusted digital certificates

Orell Füssli's growth strategy focuses on two important social trends, security and education. The learning and education sector is driven by increasing digitisation and lifelong learning needs from individuals. The issue of security is about protecting documents of value and identity against misuse and forgery. Orell Füssli is addressing these growing markets as a systems supplier of security solutions and identification systems, as the market leader in stationary and online book shops and as a major supplier of Swiss learning media.

Trusted digital certificates represent a new, relevant future topic and a business field with great international potential for Orell Füssli, which is to be developed in the coming years. First applications implemented in this field are presented at the Capital Markets Day.

Financial outlook: Targeted investments and attractive dividend policy
To develop the businesses, Orell Füssli plans to make targeted investments in the expansion of solutions along the existing value chain and in new fields of technology. Solid financing and a strong balance sheet, a high equity ratio and steady cash flow generation form the foundation for this. In the coming years the company will also focus strongly on sustainability as an integral part of corporate strategy, combined with clear targets. In addition to exploiting new growth opportunities, Orell Füssli is concentrating on securing profitability and creating additional added value for shareholders. Orell Füssli has set itself the target of increasing sales to CHF 300 million and the EBIT margin to 8% in the strategic period until 2028. A substantial part of 60 - 80% of net profit is to be distributed as dividend in future. For the current financial year, the company continues to expect a slight increase in sales and an EBIT margin at the previous year's level.

"With our growth strategy until 2028 we are opening a new chapter in the history of Orell Füssli. Our core business in the area of security and education is to be developed further in a targeted manner. As a complementary mainstay we are building up a promising business field with international potential involving trusted digital certificates," says Daniel Link, CEO of Orell Füssli.

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