Globegarden is one of the best employers in Europe

15.09.2022 | from globegarden childcare

globegarden childcare

15.09.2022, Zurich - The daycare provider globegarden is not only ranked among the ten best employers in Switzerland in 2022 in the category with more than 250 employees, but since last week it is also among the best 50 in the whole of Europe. Factors that are taken into account in the ranking include employee satisfaction with their employer, as well as trust and diversity in the workplace.

The “Best Large Workplace in Europe 2022” label means that a company has received on average even higher ratings from at least 80% of all participating employees than when it was certified a “Great Place of Work”, which globegarden successfully achieved in 2021. The renowned seal of quality compares the workplace culture at companies in relation to trust, diversity and team spirit. The process takes into account culture audits in collaboration with two expert groups, a Trust Index and an anonymous employee survey. Companies are also assessed on how different employees’ experiences are, depending on their tasks, gender, origin, salary, and other characteristics. The results of the analysis led to the daycare provider already being recognised as one of the ten best employers in Switzerland in spring of this year. The certification process is carried out by “Great Place to Work", the globally active research and consulting institute for workplace culture.

High level of satisfaction among employees

For Christina Mair, Co-Managing Director and one of three founders of globegarden, the latest award further underlines how important trust and employee satisfaction among the company's own employees is in relation to the quality of childcare and in view of the shortage of qualified employees. “As the leading provider of quality daycare in Switzerland, we have been investing in workplace culture for many years. As a family-friendly and innovation-oriented company, we offer especially good working conditions and social benefits compared with the rest of the sector, as well as progressive training and continuing education opportunities, a range of careers in education, and opportunities for professional development in a modern and innovative educational company. And now within a year, we are delighted to have received an award twice in a Swiss and European comparison, especially in light of the extremely challenging time over the last two years that our employees went through during the corona pandemic.

Successful ISO quality certification

This summer, the daycare provider also successfully completed the TÜV Süd recertification process in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard for systemic quality management, which globegarden has undergone on a voluntary basis since 2010, and so far has always been successful. Both randomly selected daycare facilities as well as the administration are inspected annually according to strict criteria that is valid throughout Europe. In the 2022 audit, special recognition was given to the introduction of the early childhood education plan, which is unique in the sector, with its six educational areas: Art Around, Language Speaks, Math Rocks, Our World, Science Discover and Well Aware.

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