Round-the-clock above the roofs of Zurich

06.09.2007 | from SWITCH GmbH


06.09.2007, The SWITCH webcam was recently set up again – this time on the roof of a high-rise block at the ETH Zurich, from where it offers a unique view over the entire inner city area of Zurich, together with the end of Lake Zurich.

In April 2007, SWITCH moved its offices from the "Central" area of Zurich to Werdstrasse near Stauffacher. This meant that SWITCH's highly popular webcam also had to be moved. Thanks to the generous support provided by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), SWITCH has been able to find a highly attractive location for the camera once again.

On the roof of the ETH Chemistry Building The ETH has provided SWITCH with both the space and a network connection on the roof of a high-rise block on Universitätsstrasse. The camera is not so close to what is going on at street level as before, but it now has a broader swivel range, and the restrictions on the maximum possible zoom factor have now been completely eliminated at certain points of the area covered by the picture.

Highly popular The fact that the SWITCH webcam attracts a great deal of interest is something that is borne out by the access statistics too. In 2006, around 1000 visitors a day, from 150 different countries, called up the camera. Each day, they took 200 photos of Zurich and produced 900 live streams. The average visit lasted three and a half minutes.

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