The AMAG Group expands its fields of activity in the energy and mobility sector

19.08.2022 | from AMAG Group AG


19.08.2022, Cham - In an economically difficult context, the AMAG group expands its field of activity: it intends to pursue the path towards achieving zero CO2 emissions of individual mobility with new offers. Among other things, it has created the new business division "AMAG Energy & Mobility" and AMAG Leasing AG is providing 100 million francs to finance photovoltaic and charging systems for corporate customers and in the EV Clyde ecosystem.

The first half of 2022 was a great challenge for everyone: difficulties with raw materials, interrupted supply chains and geopolitical tensions due to the war in Ukraine have worried the economy, the sector and the AMAG group. Thus, the new homologations of cars at the end of July 2022 amounted to about 125,000 units, therefore again at a low level, similar to that of the last two years marked by measures against the coronavirus.

Depending on the delivery situation, the various AMAG brands performed differently, while VW, SEAT and Cupra had to lose some market share, Skoda was able to maintain the level and Audi even increased it. Overall, the market share of the AMAG brands was 30.7 percent in July. Fortunately, VW Commercial Vehicles was able to improve its market share to over 25 percent. In the second half of 2022, the Volkswagen group expects a gradual recovery in the supply of semiconductors, but the situation remains unstable and tense. Despite the known supply problems, in the first half of 2022 the AMAG group managed to deliver 12 percent more plug-in vehicles than in the same period last year.

Helmut Ruhl, CEO of the AMAG Group: «I thank our customers for the trust they have placed in our products and also for the organization of multi-brand dealers. While we are not always able to satisfy customers' wishes for a clear delivery date at the moment, we are nevertheless happy with the positive result in difficult times. "

AMAG Energy & Mobility

The direction is clear, future individual mobility will be electric, and the Volkswagen AG brands have acknowledged this fundamental change ahead of time. Electric cars need electricity, they need to be recharged and with their accumulators they will become part of the future energy system. In Switzerland, as well as in Europe, one wonders at the moment where the electricity will come from in the future.

This is why the AMAG group brings together its activities relating to energy, recharging and the creation of an EV ecosystem in a new field of activity: " AMAG Energy & Mobility " includes the new Clyde business sectors (BEV ecosystem) and Volton (management and charging solutions). With this new organization, the implementation of these activities will be managed and accelerated.

At the head of the new unit is Martin Everts as Managing Director. Prior to joining the AMAG Group, Martin Everts was Head of the Strategy and Transformation Department of a large Swiss energy company and was involved in Corporate Development, Sustainability, Energy Economics, Innovation and Technology Management.

100 million francs to finance photovoltaic systems

The Clyde EV ecosystem pursues the goal of autonomously producing power for electric vehicles. To this end and to support the sustainability strategies of fleet owners and customers and companies, AMAG Leasing AG will make 100 million francs available to finance the photovoltaic and charging systems.

The AMAG group itself also continues to accelerate the expansion of its photovoltaic systems: in 2022 approximately 20,000 m2 of new photovoltaic systems will come into operation, by 2025 approximately 75,000 m² will be built and not, as previously anticipated, 50'000 m².

Expansion of the network and charging infrastructures

By 2025, the AMAG group will have installed around 2,000 charging stations in its offices, of which over 400 will be accessible to the public. In addition, AMAG Retail currently builds fast charging stations (350 kW) with a total of 48 charging points in 12 locations.

The AMAG group is also leading the way when it comes to parking and charging infrastructures. In June, AMAG Parking AG inaugurated the Utoquai charging station and offers charging stations with a monthly subscription. In July, the Kongress charging station was brought into operation and preliminary works are currently underway for the Parkhaus Messe Zürich charging station. This is a total of around 150 additional charging stations for the city of Zurich.

Helmut Ruhr on this: «The transition to electromobility requires a change of mentality on our part as well. We launched many initiatives last year and now it is a question of further accelerating implementation and taking new paths. Thanks to the measures and the new organizational structure, we have established important goals. With the 100 million francs, we are also supporting other companies on the way to achieving their sustainability goals "

«Allride» - revisited mobility

Not only electromobility, but also the ever-changing needs of customers are changing the field of activity of AMAG. Especially in urban areas and larger residential complexes, the demand for tailor-made mobility is increasing, but not necessarily intended as one's own vehicle. And this is where the new «allride» offer from the AMAG group starts: «allride» offers all kinds of possibilities for residential complexes or companies, the center of which is the «allride» app. With this app you can plan your next trip. This MaaS (Mobility as a Service) solution is used in pilot projects, such as the one in Zug.

Noviv Mobility AG

In July, the AMAG Group founded Noviv Mobility AG for new offers in the individual mobility sector. The AMAG group thus meets the new market conditions, which require new forms of retail and mobility services. As a subsidiary of AMAG Group AG, Noviv Mobility AG offers both marketing and service services and new mobility concepts. From 30 September 2022, Noviv will be Microlino's exclusive distribution partner.

News from Swisscleantech

In order to effectively combat climate change, innovative solutions are being sought. Swisscleantech is an economic association whose members from various sectors are committed to the climate. The goal is to bring Switzerland to climate neutrality by 2050. These are exactly the objectives of the AMAG group, which intends to be a zero-impact company by 2025 in Scope 1 and 2 and by 2040 also in Scope 3 AMAG CEO Helmut Ruhl also joined the CEO4Climate initiative which is committed to an ambitious and liberal climate policy.

Helmut Ruhl: «We rely on entrepreneurship and innovation, not prohibitions, to make individual mobility CO2 neutral. We are making progress step by step and are taking this into account in our sustainability report according to globally recognized standards. Our customers must buy from us the car they want with a clear conscience, whether it is an efficient petrol vehicle, a diesel that consumes little, a Plug-In-Hybrid or - very gladly already today - a car electric. This is why we are strongly committed to the implementation and expansion of electromobility and at the same time we also collaborate with innovative partners, such as Synhelion, to be able to manage the stock of combustion engines with zero CO2 emissions. Synhelion, Swiss pioneer of solar fuel, it is the first company in the world to be able to produce synthetic gas on an industrial scale exclusively using solar thermal energy. The AMAG Group aims to become the leading provider of sustainable individual mobility, and for us the motto is "We move forward". "

Clyde: 100 percent electric from 2024

To be successful, electromobility must be comfortable and easy to adopt, like the known offer. For this reason the AMAG Group continues to develop its offerings.

The Clyde convenience offer was developed by AMAG Innovation & Venture Lab after studies have shown that customers are led to new solutions on an end-to-end basis. The Lab developed the concept and processes making them mature for the market. Clyde was launched in 2019 and has experienced very positive development since then. Now Clyde enters a new phase; after the success of the development work it is time to insert Clyde as a unit in the normal AMAG organization and evolve its business.

2022 kicks off a transformation towards a fully electric mobility ecosystem. In addition to the well-known benefits of the Clyde offer, such as the different durations, the various mileage packages and benefits that include insurance, taxes, services, tires or free home delivery of the vehicle within ten days, the portfolio is continually being expanded to include other BEV brands. In addition, the electric car subscription now also includes a flat-rate charging fee. The top-up card can be used for unlimited top-up in Switzerland and throughout Europe at no extra cost. This is how Clyde perfects the subscription concept: maximum flexibility, full transparency and no cost risk - a new "convenience offer" from the AMAG group.

Volton: the offer for corporate customers

The need for sustainable solutions is also increasing in the corporate customer sector. The AMAG group wants to respond to this request by launching, with the new Volton brand, a complete solution from a single supplier. The convenience will concern both corporate customers and fleet owners, to whom Volton will offer comprehensive advice on vehicles, charging infrastructure, financing or Fleet Management, including charging and billing solutions. Corporate clients will be able to commission complete infrastructures, including engineering / project management. Volton is also the manager of the various top-up offers of the AMAG group.

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Note: This article was translated from German to English by an online translator.

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