Swiss commercial register on summer vacation 2022

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02.09.2022, Zurich – As usual, the Swiss economy is showing its sluggish side right on schedule in August. The Company new entrys, company deletions and company mutations are all compared to the previous month greatly decreased. However, the comparison to the previous year reveals the stability of the Swiss corporate landscape.

In August 2022, 3,426 companies were newly registered. This is 19% down from the previous month, in which 4,220 companies were newly entered. However, a look at the previous year shows that the numbers are nevertheless stable and can be interpreted positively. Because in August 2021 there were 3,240 new listings recorded, down 6% from the current month. Generally they are figures for the typical summer slump in August are high and we can keep up in the fall expect increasing numbers and possibly new records.

Statistics for start-ups as of August 2022

The current deletion figures are 1,984 company deletions. Compared to the previous month, the numbers have fallen rapidly, by 25% to be precise. This is also typical of the summer slump. Last year 1,764 deletions were recorded, which is 13% more than in the current month. We can of it assume that with increasing economic activity in autumn, the number of deletions will also increase again will increase.

The mutation numbers are also at a low, more precisely at their previous low for the year. There were 13,837 mutations registered. So few mutations were last noted in April 2020 than just 12,665 mutations were recorded. Compared to July 2022, the numbers are down 15% and by 3% compared to the previous year. We can also help with the mutations again in autumn expect rising numbers, but not record high ones.

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